How to earn Cal's Cash?

When you play at Casino Calzone, you will earn Cal's Cash for every spin you play on slot games. As you play you will see your Cal's Cash balance increase.

Cal's cash is sometimes awarded in certain promotions and offers.

You can use your Cal’s Cash to buy spin tokens on three different Holy Calzone Wheels!

How to play?

Each Holy Calzone wheel has three different types of spin value and each wheel comes with a cash prize jackpot! Play Holy Calzone here or simply visit the Holy Calzone tab.

As you earn more Cal´s Cash you will have a decision to make! Save up for more spins and better value or spend your Cal´s Cash straight away.

Every spin on a Holy Calzone Wheel gives you a guaranteed win!

Prize Table

You can use your Cal's Cash to spin the Wheels of Holy Calzone! Each spin is guaranteed a prize! Below you can find a breakdown of the prizes per wheel:

Standard Wheel Silver Wheel Gold Wheel
Spin Value of Prizes $0.20 $0.50 $1
Outer Slice 5 or 10 spins 5 or 10 Bigspins 5 or 10 Megaspins
Middle Slice 15 or 20 spins 15 or 20 Bigspins 15 or 20 Megaspins
Inner Slice 25, 50 or 100 spins 25, 50 or 100 Bigspins 25, 50 or 100 Megaspins
Jackpot Value $2,500 $6,250 $12,500
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