Calzone maker World Champion

Nizar El Hajjaoui (right) and his colleague celebrating their victory. Photo: Facebook

It’s the owner of Niz Art Piazza, Nizar El Hajjaoui that impressed the judges
more than anyone else. He’s running his small pizzeria restaurant in Perlé,
Luxemburg, near the Belgian border. Nizar managed to charm the judges and
got on top of the podium in the prestigious “Pizza World Cup” in Rome on
October 4. The pizza he did was a version of the well-known classic Calzone.

Since 2012 when Nizar started participating in contests, he has been successful
a number of times including a second place in the world champions and as the
winner of European Champions.

It might not be a coincidence that Nizar ended up as number one, since he had
an Italian pizza specialist as a mentor in early days.

“-He came to give me a helping hand in the kitchen when I opened my
restaurant” says Nizar. This enabled him to learn everything there is to know
about authentic Italian cuisine and we think it paid off big time.

- Cal

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