Is Dessert Pizza actually Pizza or not?

There has been a long ongoing discussion in the online environment of pizza lovers regarding dessert pizzas...
Should this be considered an actual pizza or simply just a normal dessert?

Since I have been spending my whole life both eating and making pizzas,
I believe I have a strong word to put an end on this silly discussion...

Pizzas are most often eaten as a lunch or dinner and sometimes even when the cravings of melting cheese
comes as early as breakfast times or during the late night
when you just can't fall asleep.

Since most people (except me of course) probably have not have eaten a pizza for dessert,
this might sound strange but I can promise you that it is utterly amazing!

Restaurants all over the world have now adopted to serving special dessert pizzas
with heaps of sweet stuff used as toppings instead of the classic tomato and cheese.
Dessert pizzas comes with almost all unbelievable ingredients like chocolate, candy, fruits and the list goes on...

These types of pizzas are perfect to share after an amazing meal when you just want something sweet but can't get rid of pizza thoughts.

To draw my final conclusion and to put an end discussion,
I have decided to declare that dessert pizzas have the right to be called pizza as much as the normal type!
Whether you prefer freshly oven baked Calzone or a sweet chocolate dripping pizza, both are still PIZZAS!

Note: If you have never tried a chocolate and strawberry pizza. I highly recommend you to do it!

- Cal

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