Four Pizza Facts, for Pizza-loving Fanatics!

If you are as fanatic about pizza as I am, you will hopefully be as excited about these Four Pizza Facts as I am! Enjoy!


  1. The Pizza Principle
This is the perfect example of where Pizza beautifully interacts with other non-food related aspects of everyday living. The Pizza Principle is an undeclared, believe it or not, economic law in New York City. The principle holds that the price of taking the subway in NYC should be roughly equivalent to the price of a slice of pizza found in the city. What about that?


  1. Breakfast of Champions
In America, almost 36% believe that the ideal breakfast meal is nothing less than Pizza! I sure believe that Pizza is a fit breakfast for a Champion.


  1. The World’s Fastest-Eaten Pizza
After gulping a 12-inch Pizza in a mere 1 minute and 45 seconds, Josh Anderson, a man from New Zealand holds the current world record title “World’s Fastest Pizza-eater”. I hope he had time to enjoy that Pizza!


  1. Dough-Spinning Competitions
You might think that spinning pizza dough is simple. You might want to think again. Did you know that Dough-Spinning has its own sporting event, on professional level?
There is even a World Pizza Championships, “World Pizza Games”, with 5 competitive events, all having to do with Pizza and Dough:

- Freestyle Acrobatic Dough Tossing
- Fastest Dough
- Largest Dough Stretch
- Fastest Pizza Box Folding
- Pizza Triathlon


Even though it may be fun to spin dough or watch others do it, it also has big practical aspects. Spinning dough is the best way to evenly spread it creating a uniform yummy crust while helping the dough retain its moisture. All set for a perfect Pizza!


- Cal

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