Iceland President Calls to Ban Pineapple on Pizza!

The current President of Iceland has sparked outrage among fruity pizza fanatics. Calling for a potential ban on the pineapple pizza in Iceland.

Gudni Johannesson stated that he was ‘fundamentally opposed’ to pineapple as a topping on pizza and that if it was up to him he would ban it.

Following on his remarks, he put a slight spin on his comment by later stated on Twitter ‘I like pineapples, just not on pizza.’
‘For pizza’s, I would recommend seafood’.

The comments have caught worldwide attention. It’s also not the first time the sweet tasting, prickly pizza topping has caused a stir…
Back in 2015, Sweden’s Annual Pizza report published that the pineapple pizza ranked in both the 10 ten most loved pizza’s and the top 10 most hated pizza’s. Making the pineapple the most polarising pizza topping in Sweden.

Before opening Casino Calzone, I made all types of pizza… and pineapple was up there as one of my favorites, along with kebab pizza, brussel sprout pizza and chocolate and marmalade pizza…

- Cal

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