It´s Official: Naples Pizza Is One of Civilization´s Glories

Gino Sorbillo, center handing out free folded pizzas (smells good to me) in Naples last week to celebrate Unesco´s recognition of the art of Neapolitan pizza making.

The super excited crowd sang together with Mr. Borelli in wonderful Neapolitan dialect while he was handing out free folded pizzas on the street to celebrate that Unesco put all the 3,000 pizza makers of Naples on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

"Finally, the world recognizes the capability of the pizza maker", the fantastic pizza maker Mr Sorbillo, said.

Mr. Sorbillo has his own expanding pizza empire and last month he opened a branch of his renowned pizzeria on Bowery Street in New York. Suited up in a couture jean apron over his chef white, the pizza maker prompted a feeding frenzy outside his restaurant as he handed out free folded pizzas (like I do sometimes) from an huge copper pot and posed for hundreds of selfies. On top of that, the media aware pizza maker showed up a special pie with "Pizza Unesco" written in white ricotta di buffalo on a red marinara face.

When he started as a pizza delivery boy for his parents, driving a scooter (Ohh, I wish I had one) with one hand and balancing pizzas on the other, he said no one respected the pizzaiuolo's craft. "When i was little, they made fun of me," he said, referring to teasing classmates who greeted him at school with the chorus of a popular Italian song that went, "Go make a pizza."

He always worried (I don't think he should) about his daughter facing the same issue in school. But with the Unesco recognizing her father as a leading purveyor of an intangible heritage of humanity, he hopes they will give her some more respect.
"Now," he said, "we'll see."

- Cal

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