Pizza Shop has Customers Clawing to Get In!

A Pizza Shop in Colorado, USA, had quite an unexpected burglary during one night a few months ago.

Just before this mama bear and her cubs were going into deep hibernation in one of their cosy dens deep in the forest, they visited a local pizza shop in Estes Park, Colorado, for what may have been this family's last meal for the season.

A surveillance camera caught the three bears right in their tasty feeding frenzy:

: Video from Facebook

I wonder if these bears were happily surprised when their paws stumbled upon pizzas and salami. Who knows, they might have been searching for honey, berries or maybe even Goldilocks?

To honour these fellow pizza-lovers, you can try one of my favourite slot games, Goldilocks and the Wild Bears!

Find the game here: Goldilocks and the Wild Bears

- Cal

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