Three pizza facts that are out of this world!

Facts are great. Pizza is great. (That’s a fact!) So what do you get when you combine the two together? Simple, you get…CAL’S SUPER PIZZA FACTS!

Lets kick things off with a (ch)easy one, did you know that Saturday evening is the most common time of day to order pizza?

On average iPhone users take 6 seconds longer to order food than Android users. Too much time taking selfies maybe?

Lastly, in 2001 pizza giants Pizza Hut broke several records by making the most expensive pizza with the longest, fastest delivery ever! They spent over a year and a ridiculous amount of money to be the first company to deliver pizza to space. That’s right, space. In a collaboration with the Russian Space Agency “The Hut” spent $1,000,000 delivering a 6inch pizza to Russian astronaut Yuri Usachov onboard the International Space Station. Despite travelling onboard a Proton rocket at over 28,000km an hour the pizza took a little longer than the 30 minute waiting time for us earthbound pizza eaters but still tasted just as good!

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