We have a Winner!

A fellow pizza lover sure had a great start to his weekend.

On Friday evening the 9th of June the 39 year old from Skellefteå, Sweden was trying his luck on the Standard Holy Calzone Wheel – and is now €2,500 richer after hitting the tasty Jackpot!

Our lucky winner brought home this yummy Jackpot cash prize of €2,500 after a total deposit of only €60 since he registered to Casino Calzone on the 23rd of May this year. A Big congratulations to you my friend!

In our Holy Calzone wheel you can bring home the next Jackpot of €2,500, €6,250 or €12,500 in pure cash. No wagering requirements!

Make sure to give our Holy Calzone wheel a try!

I wish you Good Luck!

- Cal

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