World Cup ♡ Pizza

Pizza is life and so is football, if you ask me, but do you know what’s even better? Pizza and football combined!

Domino’s are well aware of this tasty combination and made sure to be well prepared for the World Cup this year. In the UK they were looking to employ 3,000 new team members to take on the huge demand from pizza craving football fans.

Smart move considering the expected demand of Domino’s pizza during the World Cup:
346 pizzas to be ordered every minute of every day during the tournament. That would be equivalent to pizzas being stretched along more than 122 football pitches. That’s what I call pizza bonanza!

To spice things up during the World Cup, they’ve added some extra chilli to the pot. Domino’s launched a Panini sticker book album, for pizza loving footballs fans to get the chance to collect 11 ‘pizzanini stickers” featuring their favourite pizzas with a twist:

Full Domino’s line-up:
1. Pepereina Passion
2. Atuna Delight
3. Mascherlano
4. Meatfielder
5. American Hotamendi
6. Vegi Stonesler
7. Romaldo
8. James & Pineapple
9. Higwaiian
10. Vegi Volkaneo
11. Mighty Messi

It doesn’t stop there, Domino’s also launched a new pizza in time for the World Cup. The new menu addition goes after the name “The Meatfielder” and includes a variety of meaty toppings: ham, pepperoni, pork meatballs, chorizo, smoked bacon and last but not least Domino’s secret sauce.

It is currently being served in over 1,000 restaurants nationwide in the UK, so make sure to get your hands on this tasty special before the end of the tournament!

- Cal

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